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Registered Company Auditor
Registered SMSF Auditor
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Our Background

Cooper Audit and Accounting Pty Ltd. | Our History

Cooper Audit and Accounting Pty Ltd was established in October 2015 with Grant Cooper as the sole Director and Secretary. After operating in the accounting profession (specialising in audit) for 15 years in Ballarat and Western Victoria, predominantly as an Audit Manager, and having obtained ASIC endorsement as a Registered Company Auditor in 2012, Grant decided the best approach to implementing his own ideas and beliefs, including how to best serve audit clients in a fair and respectful way, was to begin a practice of his own. Using the knowledge gained from working in a regional firm for 12 years and then in a national organisation (with international affiliates) for 3.5 years, Grant saw an opportunity to leverage from these experiences and combine the ‘best of both worlds’ into his own practice. Grant is initially supported in the practice by his wife, Angeline, who has extensive experience in reception, office management and bookkeeping and is hopeful that the growth of the company will soon see additional employees engaged.

Our Company

We predominantly offer an array of auditing services. Our audit services include Financial Statement Audits (not-for-profit entities including Incorporated Associations and Companies Ltd by Guarantee, as well as for-profit entities including Private Companies), Trust Accounts, AFSL Compliance and SMSF Audits. We can prepare Statutory Financial Reports, period end adjustments and related work papers or reconciliations and manage bookkeeping. 

Creating Our Logo

The values and beliefs inherent in the way Cooper Audit and Accounting does business have been carefully considered in the design of the company logo. Whilst the ‘Cooper’ name in the logo is a necessary key to differentiating the business name in the marketplace, the logo changes the emphasis to the services offered and these are listed at the top of the logo. This is the most prominent placement, highlighting that the company puts its clients first and is committed to providing high-quality, timely and value-for-money audit and accounting services.

The company considers the successful implementation of this edict to be the most important key to success, as, when successfully implemented, it promotes a high level of customer satisfaction and therefore customer retention and an enhancement in reputation. The company believes that it should put clients first in all instances, even if a client relationship ceases. Given the nature of the profession, and whilst often difficult at the time, where a client relationship is brought to a close, the company is committed to helping facilitate a dignified and responsible transition to ensure all parties can move on into the future.

The other striking feature of the logo is the pattern that envelops below and around the wording in the logo. Whilst from a purely aesthetic perspective, the company believes that the pattern is pleasing to the eye, the nexus of the pattern is enshrined in a family espoused virtue in that the symbol is representative of the antlers of a deer or stag. The spiritual significance of the stag has been described as standing for Pride, Independence and Purification. If you feel the strength of the stag's protection, you will also feel the gentle way he moves through difficult situations. The deer is sure-footed, responsive, alert to impending dangers and quick to act to preserve life. The Coopers could not think of a better way to illustrate how they wish to conduct their business activities and live the rest of their lives.

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